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Inch Hydraulic
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Metric Hydraulic
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1000psi/ 70bar/ 7MPa
Low Pressure Hydraulic
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Vektek Holds, Robots Load

Let Vektek be your partner in providing industry leading workholding solutions in all of your new and exisiting automated manufacturing needs.
New from IMTS 2022
2022 New Products Brochure

New Products

  • NEW ID Expansion Clamps
  • NEW High Capacity Screw Pump
  • NEW 4" and 6" Long Stroke Block Body Cyliners
Advanced Automation Workholding Pump Brochure

Advanced Automation Workholding Pump

  • Revolutionary HMI/Controller
  • M-Code Reduction
  • Ethernet Connectivity
Auto-coupler Brochure


  • Automated coupler for new and existing systems
  • Utilizes two clamp/unclamp circuits
  • Mechanical lock seperates and holds hydraulic force
2HP Low Pressure Advanced Workholding Pump Brochure

2HP Low Pressure Advanced Workholding Pump

  • On Demand Pump
  • NO DUTY CYCLE due to VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • 250 cu. in. of oil to 1500 PSI in a single stage

NEW! Advanced Automation Workholding Pumps

The Advanced Automation Workholding Pump includes a state-of-the art control interface. It begins at the Human Machine Interface (HMI) which allows easy access to store programs on Vektek’s Pump Controller. This interface displays the status of the on-demand pump, valve functions, pressure switch status, and any possible faults. The unit also comes with spare Input/Output allowing additional sensors to be plugged in, gaining the options of monitoring other critical fixture status such as pneumatic part presence sensing.

  • Configure and control fixture sequences from the pump.
  • Easy to use visual human/machine interface.
  • Ready-set-cut; complete circuit control pump to fixture / cnc to pump.
  • Easily integrated, heavily featured, and flexible
  • OKUMA machine owners, the THINC App is BUILT-IN!




Vektek's new AUTO-COUPLER is a convenient device that allows you to automate the connection of your fixture and power supply.

  • Vektek’s unique connecting mechanism couples and locks without putting forces into the fixture either to engage or retain the connected fluid passages.
  • The engagement mechanism pulls the connectors together and during disengagement mechanically separates the pallet side receiver from the Auto-Coupler (pump control side).
  • The locking mechanism resists the separation force from the exchange of fluids during operation of the fixture, all forces are self-contained and not pushing on the fixture.
  • For automatically decoupled systems where robots load and unload the fixture without any human intervention.
  • For existing or new automated systems where the machine or a PLC controls the fixture functions.
  • Easily serviceable Pallet Receiver is a self-contained device with 2 separate clamp/unclamp hydraulic circuits each having cartridge PO check valves. Also contains filtration, pressure relief valve, and conveniently located SAE6 or manifold mounting ports.
  • 2 independent pneumatic pass through circuits for air sensing on the fixture.
  • Integrated air blow off to reduce the chance of contamination.

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